Major Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

The Human Growth hormone or commonly referred to as the HGH is a hormone in the body that helps to stimulate growth and cell regeneration in humans and it is produced naturally in the pituitary glands. Reduced level of HGH causes various effects to people depending on the age. Growth Hormone deficiency in children leads to growth failure and delayed adolescence in children while adults rarely suffer from low level of growth hormones but when it happens it might be contributed by a continuation of the same problem from the childhood stage. Adults who suffer from Growth Hormone Deficiency tend to have increased mass of body fat while having decreased muscle mass which can lead to decreased stamina.

It is due to these and so many other factors that so many people around the world are looking for HGH for sale not only to improve their youthful look but also to boost their performance and muscle growth.

While there are other Human growth hormones supplements that are harmful to the body, there are best HGH Supplements that have been approved by the relevant bodies after extensive researches being conducted. The various HGH supplements for sale include:
1. GenF20 Plus- considered as one of the best HG hormone releaser in the world which helps to reduce the aging effect. The F20 Plus is available as a pill or daily injections.
2. HGF Max-this a GH releaser that helps with increasing body metabolism and also increasing the muscle mass in a body of a person. It’s mostly available as a pill.
3. Dbol-Gh -this is another supplement that helps promote general body growth and increased muscle mass. It is mainly available as a pill.
4. HGH 30000 Nano grams-this an advanced type of HGH which has been designed to help maintain the high levels of growth hormones in the body. It helps with muscle growth and anti-aging also available as a pill or in form of spray.

Some Benefits of HGH
• Smooth skin: People who use HGH tend to have a smooth skin compared to those who don’t use.
• Reduced body fat: With the use of HGH, there is an increased rate of burning fats in the body. This results in reduced body fat and improved quality of life.
• Increased muscle mass: The use of HGH results in increased muscle mass in the body. This is as a result of increased production of muscle cells in the body.

Side Effects of Human Growth Hormones
Despite having major positive impact in the body of the users, the Human growth hormones results in certain side effects such as:

1. Carpal syndrome-this condition results in pain [felt on the hands and the fingers of a person that uses HGH. This is as a result of nerves being compressed near the carpal bones.
2. Gynecomastia - sometimes, men who use the HGH suffer from Gynecomastia. This results to enlargement of the male breasts hence requiring surgery to fix the problem.
3. Swelling -Use of HGH often leads to swelling due to increased accumulation of fluids in the body tissues.
4. Joint pain-The HGH also leads to joint pains and also, muscle fatigue.